crowd farming

crowd farming

In everyday language, we speak of participatory financing in the agricultural field. Literally, it means cultivating together.

But in practice
what does it mean ?

La Pachamama proposes to produce directly for the consumer.
Through this model, we eliminate a large number of intermediaries. This allows consumers to have better visibility – transparency – on what is produced and for the producer, a greater financial margin which allows him to get out of a logic of profitability which is always at the expense of quality.

Why buy Pachamama products?

By purchasing our products, you actively participate in:
. A short circuit economy
. Sustainable agricultural production
. Save biodiversity
. Fight against waste linked to food overproduction.
. Reduce carbon footprint by supporting a 100% self-sufficient farm
. Encourage the production of quality products good for health.


Most of the world's olive oil production today relies on olive groves planted in hedgerows, which are obviously more profitable but whose ecological impact is catastrophic, not to mention the deplorable organoleptic quality of the oil produced. .
To give you an idea, in Spain alone, more than 500 hectares of olive groves are doomed to disappear in the next 10 years. All will be replaced by intensive crops whose life expectancy is estimated at 20 years at most. After which, exhausted, we shave them and start again.

Yet symbol of longevity, the olive tree can live up to 2000 years.
Planted in the 60s and abandoned since then, the Pachamama olive grove has several thousand olive trees.

Each OLIBOX sold finances the management and safeguarding of one of these olive trees. One pruning and some care is all it takes for it to regain its full capacity to make you great extra virgin olive oil, rich in antioxidants.


The disappearance of bees, and more broadly of pollinators, is a planetary catastrophe that endangers humanity. It is urgent to act to protect them! Bees are the keystone of our food security, a healthy diet obviously depends on healthy pollinators. And the problem does not end there.

In terms of their production,
– traces of pesticides toxic to bees and to human health have been detected in 75% of the honey produced in the world,

– 1 out of 7 jars of honey sold in supermarkets is not real honey but rather adulterated honey, understood to be mixed with sugar, corn or sugar cane to increase the quantity, while lowering the price. But also the quality.

The vast and wild lands of the Pachamama are an ideal place to settle and safeguard this species essential to our survival. The abundance of local flora, the purity of the air, soil and water also guarantee you honey of a rare quality.

Each BEEBOX sold finances the installation of a new hive and a colony made up of around 50 bees who will work to safeguard and enrich the biodiversity of this part of the planet with a thousand virtues. Biodiversity which contributes directly to the excellence of hive products and our medicinal herbs.