Roasted Honey by LIONEL RIGOLET



The Chef’s secret little sweetness, between tradition and innovation.

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The Chef’s secret little sweetness, between tradition and innovation.

It was while going to listen to the little secrets well kept in the old kitchens of traditional Alentejo that Lionel Rigolet, two-star chef at Comme chez Soi in Brussels unearthed a little forgotten gastronomic treasure that he suddenly found. genius, sublimated and brought up to date.


Roasted honey is a natural product directly from the hive, no other ingredient is included in its composition. It’s all about extraction and very slow cooking at low temperature.

Its taste

Roasted honey gives the palate a sensation of “flambée” and offers a complex flavor of spicy notes, roasting and caramel. The Roasted honey has a long persistence on the palate, pleasantly bitter and well balanced.

Its use

Its liquid consistency, its ability to be served hot or cold and its unique taste opens the door to all possibilities. You can try it with a good wine vinegar for example to compose a vinaigrette to put on a bitter salad, a drizzle of Roasted honey on a fresh Ricotta, a sour cheese or yogurt will give it back its letters of nobility. It is used as a caramelizing agent on meat preparations, vegetables or on fresh fruit salads, as a garnish. Ideal as a sweetener, its caramelized scent will divinely warm a bitter hot chocolate, for example.

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