Wild Lavender Raw Honey by LIONEL RIGOLET



Produced and extracted by hand, this Wild Lavender Raw Honey is simply filtered from its impurities before being potted in the small village beekeeping workshop.

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It is in the middle of a field of Rosmaninho, the wild lavender typical of southern Portugal that we have placed some of our traditional beehives. Facing the first rays of the sun, it is here in this secluded place preserved from all human activity that a rare nectar endowed with extreme purity is made. The abundance and predominance of this variety of wild lavender gives this artisanal honey a wild and sweet taste.

Its taste

Viscous and translucent, it presents a slight astringency typical of Lavender stoechas nectar. This authentic and 100% natural honey produced and extracted by hand in late spring has a very sweet flavor.

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