Thyme Bela-Luz – Leaves

Glass pot - 40gr


Whole leaves of mastichina thyme called in Portugal “Bela-Luz”, beautiful light.

Rupture de stock



Its use


Bela Luz thyme as the Portuguese call it is used in cooking to replace salt, it gives dishes a fresh and spicy scent. It also intensifies the flavor of your dish, which considerably reduces the salt.Very present in garnished bouquets to flavor pieces of meat or dishes in sauce, thyme can also be put forward in sautéed potatoes. , carrot rings or in a vegetable pie. Thyme goes well with fish, to flavor a slightly lemony white sauce for example.
Mediterranean herb par excellence, thyme goes perfectly with recipes based on tomatoes, peppers, eggplants or zucchini.

Also excellent when sprinkled on hot goat cheese, grilled mozzarella cheese or gratins, thyme goes very well with cheese notes.

It is also found in cocktail recipes with or without alcohol. Its very fragrant aroma mixes very well with lemon, white wine or sweet and very fruity syrups such as blackcurrant or elderberry.

And finally, thyme goes very well with sweet flavors on a pear or apricot pie. You can add its flowers to the top of a sherbet or ice cream too. And you can even add it to a pie crust. So many ways to add freshness to a summer dessert.

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